Your Guide to Eco-friendly Kitchen Appliances

By Michelle Jeresek, Houzz

Choosing energy-efficient appliances benefits everyone. TopTen USA, an independent organization that researches and ranks the most efficient appliances, says: "If you're going to waste money, waste it on something more fun than your electrical bill."

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Be smart with money and energy with these tips for selecting kitchen appliances and using them more efficiently.

Camber Construction, original photo on Houzz 


Refrigerators are energy hogs, accounting for 9 to 15 percent of your home's electricity use. Luckily, choosing an energy-efficient refrigerator can be as easy as looking for the Energy Star label, which guarantees the appliance has met government standards. However, all Energy Star appliances are not created equal — energy consumption still varies significantly from model to model. The Energy Star website can help you compare models to find to the most efficient refrigerator.