How to Make a Trendy Triangle Wall Vessel 

Learn how to reuse corrugated cardboard and an old record cover to create trendy floating wall storage.

By Lori Zimmer
May 2017


Breathe new life into that old cardboard box by learning from contributors located around the world that come together in The Art of Cardboard(Rockport Publishers, 2015), by Lori Zimmer. Although paper and cardboard seem to be common materials, discover the unexpectedly beautiful, intricate art that can be created using repurposed and upcycled resources.

This design lets you recycle an old album cover or corrugated cardboard painted however you please into an easy but awesome piece for storing art supplies, flowers, or knick-knacks. 


• Corrugated cardboard or old cardboard
• Record cover with cool artwork
• Utility Knife
• Metal ruler
• Pencil
• Bookbinding PVA or standard craft glue
• One screw