DIY Wedding Favor Seed Packets

Obtain a simple, yet creative wedding favor by creating seed packets that are unique, and budget and earth friendly.

| July 2018

  • These DIY wedding favor seed packets are budget-friendly and Earth-friendly.
    Photo by Nell Aburto
  • “A Priceless Wedding” by Sara Cotner is a guide to crafting a unique, eco-friendly and budget-minded wedding perfect for each reader. Cotner encourages readers to execute a wedding that aligns with their values and strays from the wedding industrial complex.
    Cover courtesy Voyageur Press

"A Priceless Wedding" (Voyageur Press) by Sara Cotner teaches readers how to handcraft a wedding unique to them, which aligns with values, incorporates DIY projects, green elements, and meaningful and memorable moments.  In this part memoir part how-to, she focuses on resisting the pressure of creating someone else’s dream wedding.  Cotner concentrations on encouraging people to implement pieces and ideas that lead to an eco-friendly, handcrafted, and budget minded wedding that allows for less stress and more enjoyment.

These DIY wedding favor seed packets are budget-friendly and Earth-friendly, but they do take some time to make. Choose a recipe you’re known for, a family recipe, or one that links to your venue or city somehow and choose seeds that relate to the recipe. Make sure to include directions for planting the seeds and caring for the plants.


• Cardstock (each piece of 8-1⁄2x11" stock makes two seed packets)
• Thread
• A sewing machine
• Seeds in bulk
• A paper cutter, scissors, or craft knife
• A stamp (sized to fit your packet)
• An ink pad


1. Use a word processing or design program to lay out the planting instructions on the front and the recipe on the back. You can download the template we used at 2000 Dollar Wedding.
2. Print the planting instructions on one side of each card. Feed the cardstock through the printer again to print the recipe on the other side.
3. Use a paper cutter, scissors, or craft knife to chop the cardstock in half.
4. Use a stamp to print an image on the bottom half of the card. (Make sure it’s upside down, since you will fold the card to create a pouch for the seeds.) Alternatively, you could insert clip art during the design stage.
5. Sew around the three outside edges to create a pouch.
6. Fill the pouch with seeds.
7. Sew across the top to close the pouch.

From A Priceless Wedding by Sara Cotner (Voyageur Press). Copyright © 2013.

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