Reclaimed Wood Key Rack

Clean up clutter with this simple DIY project, a great use for wood from downed branches.

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For those of us constantly on the go, keeping clutter in check can be tough. Extra knickknacks, papers and, especially, small items such as keys create excessive visual stimuli and distraction, as well as feelings of frustration when we can’t find what we need when we need it.

Having a designated spot for specific items provides consistency, and helps encourage overall organization. Key holders, which come in all shapes, sizes and colors, are one useful way to simplify a busy life by letting you quickly grab what you need on your way out the door, rather than losing precious time searching a table or digging through a bag.

Making your own useful, stylish wall hook is a simple process, as demonstrated in this project from designer and Oh So Lovely blogger Audrey Kuether. With a rustic reclaimed wood slice and colorful paint of your choosing, you can create a spot for your keys that’s convenient and stylish with minimal work.

Use this project as a way to recycle a downed tree limb, use up leftover firewood or even hold on to a piece of a holiday tree trunk for a useful household item that doubles as a keepsake.