DIY Produce Bin

Build this simple, handy produce cupboard to store the harvest and free up your fridge and kitchen shelves.

September/October 2015

produce bins

After a bountiful harvest or a successful trip to the farmers market, the next obstacle to tackle is where to possibly store all of that fresh produce until you can eat it, ferment it, can it or freeze it. Keep your most frequently used items such as onions, peppers and garlic within arm’s reach by building this simple, rustic veggie cupboard to add to your kitchen or pantry.

This simple produce cupboard can free up space in the refrigerator and on countertops, and its simple design can be customized to accommodate interesting salvaged materials. Choosing salvaged wood and other reclaimed materials adds character, patina and personality that new materials can’t—at least not without a lot of extra work on your part.

Aside from assuring that you’ll get that one-of-a-kind piece you’ve always dreamed of, salvaged materials can offer savings and sustainability. They often come with much lower price tags, and repurposing an old door means there’s a little less trash heading to a landfill.