Make Your Own André Planters

Capture the romance of France with these DIY antiqued andré planters. These antiqued buckets can be filled with flowers to add beauty and elegance to your home.

May 2018
By Amy Howard
Photos by Quentin Bacon

rescue restore redecorate cover

In Rescue, Restore, Redecorate: Amy Howard's Guide to Refinishing Furniture and Accessories (Abrams, 2018), Amy Howard brings beauty back into the furniture abandoned by others. She brings her artistic vision to every piece, and helps guide her readers to do the same. Not only does Howard offer her favorite refurbishing tips and tricks, she also shows readers how to get the best deal at flea markets. The following excerpt is the directions to her André Planters project in Chapter 9, "Aged Surfaces."

France makes my heart sing. I always want to bring something home from visits there — a piece of furniture, or more often an object or an idea I can make my own. The romance of France is easy to capture with antiqued buckets filled with flowers, boxwood, or other pretty growing things. You can get the metal buckets for this project at most big-box stores. Be careful to select only the galvanized kind, not the silver-painted sort, so that your antiquing solution can work its magic directly on the zinc coating. This aging effect also works beautifully on washtubs or decorative metal letters to hang on the wall.

andre planter