Create a Living Picture Frame

By Cassidy Tuttle

Living Picture

Eye-catching and easy to care for, succulents are simple to incorporate into any number of creative décor projects. This fun living picture frame project from the book Idiot's Guides: Succulents makes use of the plant family’s diverse shapes, textures and colors by displaying the succulents vertically rather than sitting upright. All it takes are a few materials and light weekly watering to maintain this lush living decoration. 

There’s something appealing about plants growing vertically rather than in a pot. Succulents do especially well in vertical arrangements, so they are a popular choice for creating living pictures. A living picture can cover an entire wall, or it can be something smaller and more personal. If you’re growing indoors, small and personal is a great option. Find a color palette of succulents that you like, or choose a variety of shapes and textures. Rosettes are a popular choice for living pictures, but branchy, trailing, and even somewhat tall succulents work well too. 

Living Picture 1

Remember Drainage

If your frame doesn’t have drainage holes, consider drilling holes in what will be the bottom of the picture so water can easily drain out. When lying flat, water should be able to seep out the back of the frame. When standing, water can drain out the front of the arrangement, but will last longer if there are drainage holes in the frame.