Knitting for Kids: Stripy Tube Scarf

Learn how to make a warm winter scarf by knitting in the round.

| June 2016

Susan B. Anderson’s Kids’ Knitting Workshop (Artisan Books, 2015), by Susan B. Anderson, is the perfect resource for teaching children how to knit. With engaging instructions and step-by-step illustrations, kids can easily move from basic knitting skills through 17 progressively challenging projects.

Stripy Tube Scarf

When you knit a scarf in the round with thick yarn and bigger needles, it will go fast even though it is long. This is why when you’re a new knitter, the only type of scarf I would recommend knitting is a tube scarf with color changes to make stripes. You could make the stripes match the Stripy Hat to make a set, or you could make a separate scarf with different colors. Be creative!

Materials Needed:

Size: 6 inches wide, 52 inches long.

Note: The scarf can be made longer or shorter in length; just bind off whenever you are ready.

Yarn: 7 skeins Bulky weight in 7 colors (about 750 yards total).

Note: This is a great project to use up leftover yarns! Just make sure they are all Bulky weight.

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