Easy Inspirational Crafts to Reduce Stress Levels

Create these easy inspirational crafts for peace of mind.

| June 2013

  • Inspirational Crafts, Crafting Calm
    In “Crafting Calm,” find inspirational crafts and activities that promote a sacred stillness in a world filled with busyness and noise.
    Cover Courtesy Viva Editions
  • Meditation Fountain, Inspirational Crafts
    Tabletop meditation fountains can become inspirational crafts that keep on giving.
    Photo By Fotolia/Graça Victoria
  • Zen Sand Garden
    A tray Zen sand garden can be a useful form of meditation.
    Photo By Fotolia/Zsolt Biczó

  • Inspirational Crafts, Crafting Calm
  • Meditation Fountain, Inspirational Crafts
  • Zen Sand Garden

Find a DIY guide to peace of mind in Crafting Calm (Viva Editions, 2013). Author Maggie Oman Shannon offers 40 projects that promote mindfulness and spiritual practice. In this excerpt, create easy inspirational crafts that help reduce stress levels, such as a meditation fountain, a Zen sand garden and more!

You can purchase this book from the Mother Earth Living store: Crafting Calm.

Inspirational Crafts: Tabletop Meditation Fountains

What is it about the sound of running water that produces such a state of serenity? For almost everybody, it does—and there have been some experiments by researchers that seem to back up what we’ve always instinctively known: the sound of water is healing, and can measurably reduce stress levels.

In the last fifteen years, sales of tabletop meditation fountains have risen steadily—in 1998, only a hundred thousand were sold; as we moved into the twenty-first century, that number had increased to more than three million annually. Why have these indoor fountains become so popular? The answer to that question can be found by simply tuning in to the ambient noise around us at any given time—our busy modern lives are attended by sounds of all kinds, many of them unpleasant: car horns, slamming doors, people talking on cell phones. The sound of trickling water can help us to focus on that, instead; and with that shift in focus, our minds can become calmed.

Thus, tabletop meditation fountains can become inspirational crafts that keep on giving—if you decide to explore making your own fountain, you will find spiritual rewards involving almost all of our human senses. By choosing crystals, special stones, or spiritual figurines to place in your fountain, you are creating a living altar that will be a feast for your eyes. By listening to the sounds of your fountain, you will give your mind the opportunity to rest and your heart the chance to be reminded of nature’s wonderful watery delights: waterfalls, rain, rivers. Most importantly, you will give your spirit the opportunity to dwell with God—as that wonderful verse in the Book of Isaiah put it, “to be like a flowing spring whose waters never run dry.”

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