How to Make Beeswax Lanterns

Enjoy the warm glow radiating from your hand-crafted beeswax lantern.

| August 2013

Craft gorgeous beeswax lanterns with designs to suit your style. Enjoy it as your tablescaping focal piece or sitting beautifully on your mantle. This beeswax lantern how-to is from Honey Crafting (F+W Media, Inc., 2013), an instructional guide to making an array of artisanal crafts and beauty products from both beeswax and honey.

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Beeswax Lanterns

Usually we think of a burning beeswax candle as a fleeting delight, to be enjoyed and marveled at until it has burned down to a nub. But there are ways to craft with beeswax so that you can enjoy its presence forever.

This lantern is a particularly pleasant craft because it can be appreciated over and over again. Of course, you won’t get the wonderful scent of beeswax when the lantern is lit—but you will have a warm glow that will cast intricate shadows against the walls.

Decorate the lantern with fall leaves for the perfect focal piece at the Thanksgiving table. Or cover it in seasonal flowers as a moving tribute to the pollen from which the beeswax came.

• Balloon(s)
• Water faucet
• Double boiler designated for wax melting (preferably stainless steel)
• 1 to 2 pounds beeswax, depending on the size of the lantern
• Wax or candy thermometer
• Optional: Pressed leaves, flowers, or tissue paper for decorating the side of the lantern
• Aluminum foil
• Flat pan

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