Grow Lucky Bamboo in a DIY Water Garden

Try this mason jar craft as a gift for a friend, or to decorate your own space.

| November/December 2016

Feng shui is based on the idea that our homes are a mirror of our inner lives. According to the practice, by carefully considering what we bring into our homes, we can get in sync with our environment and enable our homes to reflect who we are. 

Consider making this simple, positivity-promoting DIY gift for the plant lover in your life — or anyone who needs a refreshing bit of life during the dark, dormant days of winter. “Lucky” bamboo is actually not a bamboo, but a dracaena, part of the family that includes spider plants and Easter lilies. Placed in a minimalist Mason jar with gravel, it makes a low-maintenance houseplant, which only requires indirect sunlight and weekly watering with fluoride-free water (to prevent the tips of the leaves yellowing).

This gift is easy and affordable to make, and you can personalize it using some of the symbolic feng shui tips that follow.

Making Your Water Garden

Before we jump into this project, let’s talk stalks. The number of stalks we add to our lucky bamboo water gardens is important according to feng shui. One symbolizes simplicity; two, love and harmony; three, happiness; five, achievement and creativity; seven, health; eight, wealth; nine, luck and good fortune in every aspect of life; and 10, fulfillment and excellence. Any more than that would most likely require a bigger vessel.

Numbers aren’t the only things we might want to keep in mind when making our lucky bamboo water gardens. To increase their potency, feng shui says we should add representatives of each of the five elements: wood (the plant itself); fire (something red); earth (rocks); metal (a Mason jar ring); and water. With all the symbols in mind, we can now get down to business.


• 1 wide-mouth jar band
• Marking pen
• Scrap wood
• Drill and tiny bit
• Sewing needle
• 40 inches of red pearl cotton or embroidery thread
• One 1-pint, wide-mouth Mason jar
• Aquarium gravel or rocks
• Lucky bamboo stalk(s)
• Distilled water

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