DIY Smartphone Projector

You can engineer a video projector for your phone or tablet using little more than a box and a magnifying lens.

By Liz Lee Heinecke

November 2016

Outdoor Science Lab for Kids book cover

In Outdoor Science Lab for Kids (Quarry Books, 2016), Liz Lee Heinecke provides 52 science activities perfect for families to do together. Safe but exciting, with enough intrigue for toddlers and older kids alike, Heinecke’s knowledge is evident in every page. This book is a perfect way to create experiments with your children, and to be sure they enjoy the process as well as the results! 


• Cell phone or electronic tablet
• Shoe box (for cell phone) or large cardboard box (for tablet)
• Magnifying lens or magnifying sheet Cutting tool
• Tape
• Box or table, to set up projector
• Flat white surface, for the screen