DIY Sharpie Mug Fails

DIY projects are a wonderful way to express your creativity—but sometimes they end in disaster. These DIY sharpie mugs are proof that when crafting goes wrong, all you can do is laugh.

By Heather Mann

Craft Fail

Written by Heather Mann, self-described “failure enthusiast” and publisher of the popular Craft Fail blog, CraftFail (Workman Publishing, 2014) illustrates the gruesome underbelly of the creative process. Inspired by her own craft experiences, Heather gathered real-life home décor fails, fashion fails, holiday fails, food fails, kid fails and best of all—EPIC fails (those projects that are so inspiring that they are attempted again and again by members of the crafty tribe to, quite frankly, disastrous results)! These DIY sharpie mugs from Chapter 7, “A for Effort,” fall into the epic fail category.

Sometimes you do everything right. Except that one thing. Whether it’s using fabric you have on hand instead of what is recommended, making do with the wrong tool, or forgetting to read just one word in the instructions, sometimes, despite your best intentions, it just ends up wrong. Some prefer to skim the directions, others view crafting rules as more of what you’d call “guidelines,” or are paralyzed with performance anxiety—it’s not always the craft’s fault. We hope you’ll find some kindred craftfailers among our collection of right crafts gone wrong.