12 DIY Projects That Bring Nature Indoors

By Lauren Dunec Hoang, Houzz

Potted bulb centerpieces, fresh floral arrangements and botanically inspired wall hangings offer a welcome reminder on cold winter days that spring is just around the corner. Whether you’re snowed in or just hanging out indoors, here are a dozen ideas for DIY projects to get you started.

DIY Botanical 1
Dana44Design, original photo on Houzz

1. Create a hanging window garden.

Pick up a few glass orbs — or better yet, repurpose Christmas ornaments — and fill each one with one or two air plants. Air plants, or Tillandsia, require no soil to survive but should be soaked weekly in water to keep moist. Hang a grouping in a window that receives bright, indirect light.

2. Make a miniature garden under glass.

Create a captivating terrarium with a mix of small potted houseplants, rocks and moss. The trick to getting a terrarium to thrive is to keep the environment moist without adding too much water that it becomes stagnant. Unlike most plant containers, terrariums have no drainage hole for excess water. To accommodate some excess water, layer the bottom of the terrarium container with stone pebbles, charcoal and a filter barrier, such as a landscape fabric, to prevent the soil from percolating down into the pebbles.

3. Coax paperwhites to bloom indoors.

One of the easiest ways to make your home instantly feel like spring is to force bulbs — get them to bloom early — indoors. Paperwhites (Narcissus papyraceus) are a great choice for early forcing since, unlike many other bulbs, such as tulips and crocus, they do not require hours of chilling to bloom.