A Modern Macramé Hanging Planter

 Add a natural touch to your home décor with this classic take on a retro craft.

By Celestine Maddy and Abbye Churchill

May/June 2016

DIY Macramé Planter

In their new book A Wilder Life, Wilder Quarterly publisher Celestine Maddy and editorial director Abbye Churchill share four seasons’ worth of projects, lessons and inspirations aimed at getting a new generation back in touch with nature. This Modern Macramé Hanging Planter is an easy-to-learn DIY project that’s perfect for any home—whether you have a big garden or live in a tiny apartment.

Macramé has gotten a bad rap over the years. Originally developed as a way to finish weavings in ancient Babylonia, the knot-tying technique became a favorite of sailors who spread the art form throughout the world. The Victorian era favored macramé for making tablecloths, curtains and delicate, lacy wearables. In the 1970s, macramé knots were used to create elaborate wall hangings and belts, and the 1990s saw hemp macramé jewelry for neo-hippies, grunge kids and frat boys alike. Suffice to say, macramé has seen its fair share of style changes, and yet it still endures.