DIY Fabric Rug

Use yarn made from recycled fabric to create this vibrant DIY rug.

January/February 2016

By Karen Tiede

red rug in front of door

You can do some amazing things with recycled clothing. Whether it’s a stack of old T-shirts from college or shirts you bought from a thrift store for a quarter apiece, transform torn, misshapen or outdated T-shirts into a beautiful rug using these instructions. Excerpted from the book Knitting Fabric Rugs, this project will get you started on a great winter hobby. Master it, and you can turn offcast clothing into helpful and useful household basics, perfect for your own home or for gifts. Author Karen Tiede says she chose to make a rug in all red tones because her red stash was overflowing and she needed to reduce the volume—she finds reds to be an especially easy-to-collect shade.


• Knitting needles, size 10–10.5, 10 inches long
• Fabric yarn in varying shades of red
• Strips of fabric yarn in accent colors (if desired), each 12 to 20 inches long
• Quilter’s pins
• Large darning needle, to attach strips