DIY Deck Chair for Only $10

By Jared Erwin, Houzz

The days of old iron patio furniture are behind us. We're all about going green and reclaiming materials for new purposes! Today the possibilities with pallets are endless, and the materials are often free. If you've got access to pallet wood and basic power tools (and the skills to use them), this project shouldn't take longer than an afternoon.

Make sure you're obtaining your pallets legally. Just because you see a stack of pallets behind a store doesn't mean they are free and available for you to take. Always ask first. You can also search online to find free stashes in your area. If you can find pallet wood that's already disassembled, I recommend taking that route — some cities and towns have pallet reconditioning businesses that give away pieces they can't use.

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Skill level: Medium to advanced. You should be comfortable with basic power tools, such as drills and saws. Understanding measurements and angles is necessary, too.
Time: 2 to 4 hours
Cost: About $10
Safety precautions: Pallet wood is rough and has its share of splinters and nails, so take your time and be careful while handling it. Pallet wood also has, or has had, nails in it, so be extra careful when cutting it — avoid those nails! Safety glasses and gloves are a must for this project.

deck chair
Jared Erwin, original photo on Houzz