Combine Pumpkins and Succulents for Beautiful DIY Decor

By Corynne Pless, Houzz

Maybe you aren’t quite ready to part with your Halloween pumpkins. Turning them into succulent planters is a fun and easy project that extends their life into the holiday season. You can create planters to add to your Thanksgiving table, to give as a host or hostess gift for a holiday party, or to decorate your porch, countertop or table.

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fall decor
Corynne Pless, original photo on Houzz

A pumpkin-turned-vase is a natural fit for a fall decorating theme. And succulents have a sculptural beauty and are container-friendly.

First, choose a variety of succulents from your local nursery, florist or hardware store, or from your own collection. Gathering the succulents first will help you choose an appropriately sized pumpkin to fit them.