How to Make Rolled Tapered Beeswax Candles

Craft these rolled tapered beeswax candles from smooth beeswax foundation sheets that are capable of blending in with a stylish setting.

| August 2013

Honey Crafting Book Cover

“Honey Crafting” is a beautiful, upscale guide to the many uses of honey and beeswax that will appeal to both the beekeeping enthusiast and the casual user of these natural ingredients.

Cover Courtesy of F+W Media, Inc.

For elegant, natural decor, craft your own rolled tapered beeswax candles with instructions from Honey Crafting (F+W Media, Inc., 2013), an instructional guide to making an array of artisanal crafts and beauty products from both beeswax and honey.

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Rolled Tapered Beeswax Candle

If the idea of crafting with hot wax makes you anxious, here is a craft that will produce splendid candles while easing your mind. The beeswax does not need to be melted down prior to working. This is also a wonderful way to bring children into the world of honey crafting. Imagine how proud young boys or girls would be to display their very own candles.

Sheets of beeswax were originally invented by beekeepers. These were, and still are, used to line the beehives. This wax liner gives the bees a firm foundation on which to build the honeycomb. Thus, the beekeepers call beeswax sheets “brood foundation.” Beeswax candles can be made from foundation sheets.

Most wax sheets for rolled candles are formed in a honeycomb pattern. This type of sheet is embossed with a hexagonal indentation—it looks like the wax from a honeycomb. The most common size is 8 inches by 16 3/4 inches, but you can cut the sheets to suit your specific purpose. The honeycomb-patterned sheets are rolled out under an embossing wheel. You can purchase these in the natural beeswax colors (pale honey to dark brown), or in various colors that they have been dyed after the wax was bleached.

Another type of wax for making rolled candles is smooth and flat. This is useful when you don’t want a textured candle. The pure-white smooth sheets make an elegant-looking candle to use in a stylish setting.

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