Candle Making with Herbs

These candle making with herbs projects use your favorite herbs to scent and decorate candles to warm your home or that of a dear friend.

| October/November 2006

Try these candle making with herbs recipes to create aromatic candles for your home.

Herb Candle Crafts

Spiced Honeycomb Candle Recipe
Embedded Herbs Candle Recipe
Pressed Herb Candle Recipe

Candle Making with Herbs

For centuries, candles were essential for lighting the darkness. While candles today remain an option for light during a power outage, most U.S. homes enjoy the luxury of electric lights at the flip of a switch. Since the incandescent glow of candlelight is one not easily recreated by modern technology, candles continue to intrigue and enlighten. The appeal of modern candles often involves scent, raising the “wick” of appreciation and making lit candles not only perfect for romantic ambiance, but also relaxing and therapeutic.

Whether you create them for your own enjoyment or as gifts for others, making and decorating candles is fun and easy or can be as complex as you like. Here are a few basic candle-making suggestions followed by some simple yet stunning ways to add herbs to candles you’ve already poured or purchased.

Candle Wax Suggestions

You can find more information on the details of wax from any of the resources listed, and you may want simply to experiment on your own to find what works best for you, but here are the brief basics.

Paraffin, a common candle wax, is a petroleum byproduct (read, “bad for the environment”) available with different melting points. It often requires additives to keep it from shrinking. Beeswax, a stellar, all-natural alternative with a naturally pleasant honey scent, is more expensive but comes in a variety of forms, is easy to work with, burns longer and doesn’t shrink when it cools. Keep in mind that it’s important to purchase domestically collected beeswax to avoid possible pesticides. A relatively new product in the world of candles is soy wax. It’s all-natural, burns cleaner than paraffin, is often microwaveable (check the brand’s instructions on the package), and doesn’t shrink as it cools. You’ll also find it’s less expensive than beeswax.

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