Healthy Home

Make your home a safe haven with efficient design, chemical-free cleaning methods and home organization tips.

Rolled Beeswax Candles

By Kim Lehman

Roll your own candles made out of sheets of beeswax.

The $0 Home Makeover

By Claire Vath

Even on a small budget — or no budget at all — you can refresh and renew the spaces in your home with these tips for design experts.

Charity Spotlight: Donation Town

By Haley Casey

Learn about the nonprofit that helps connect items from donors with a charity who will take them.

8 Household Uses for Tea

By Haley Casey

From spent bags and leaves to a leftover drink that won’t be consumed, tea has many great applications around the house.


Sit Back and Relax With These Beautifully Idyllic Porch Photos

Do you dream of the perfect porch? Get inspired with these popular porch ideas from Houzz.

Keep Your Houseplants Happy

By Anna Archibald

This expert guidance will help ensure that your indoor plants have what they need to stay healthy and flourish all year.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

By Jessica Kellner

HELP of Ojai is a community-supported nonprofit in California that demonstrates the power of neighbors helping the most vulnerable members of their community.

How to Repot Houseplants

By Ellen Zachos

When a plant has outgrown its pot, it’s time to give it more space. Follow these simple steps to safely move your houseplant to a new home.