Healthy Home

Make your home a safe haven with efficient design, chemical-free cleaning methods and home organization tips.

Universal Storage Solutions

Organize your home items with this guide.

Could-Do Calendar March 2018

As the weather warms up, step into nature and soak in the fresh spring air.

Could-Do Calendar April 2018

As the rainy season begins, freshen your home and your garden with a few fun projects.

Physiological Effects of Lighting

By Rob Brown, M. D.

Create a nurturing environment with the strategic placement of lamps around your house.


Kick Toxic Plastic to the Curb

By Rob Brown, M. D.

Choose glass, stainless steel, silicone, or non-bleached parchment paper for food storage to be sure you are only eating leftovers.

Beneficial Household Lighting Choices

By Rob Brown, M. D.

Learn all about indoor lighting options and choose the best option for your healthy home.

An Expert's Top Choices for Bathroom Houseplants

Find the best choice of plant to brighten up your bathroom, with help from an expert!

6 Cozy Outdoor Retreats to Inspire Your Next Project

Whether it's for an art studio, a quiet spa, or a secret garden, these transformed outdoor sheds and cottages will inspire you to dream big.