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Guide to Adrenal Health

By Dawn Combs

Our adrenal system is responsible for hormones that affect our metabolism, immunity and more. Learn how to support this system and improve your overall health.

9 Hormone-Balancing Herbs

By Dawn Combs

Consider growing these herbs in your garden to support balanced hormones every day.

11 Reasons to Love Vitamin D

By Michelle Schoffro Cook

Here’s why you should make sure you’re getting enough of the vital nutrient, vitamin D.

How to Build Better Bones

By Susan Brown

Build better bones with these essential nutrients to prevent bone loss and other osteoporotic fractures.


60 Seconds to Slim: The Alkaline Diet

By Michelle Schoffro Cook

Maintain an alkaline diet to burn fat and stay trim with these tips from “60 Seconds to Slim” author Michelle Schoffro Cook.

6 Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals to Avoid

By Sarah Lozanova

Minimize these hormone-disrupting chemicals in your home and food to decrease the risk of breathing problems, chronic disease, excess weight and more.

Health Benefits of Mindfulness Practice

By Linda B. White

Try employing a meditative practice to reap these research-proven benefits of mindfulness.

8 Sleep Remedies to Fight Insomnia

By Peter Smith

Zinc, omega-3 oils, B-12 and simple exercise are some of the sleep remedies recommended.