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The Benefits of Superfood Juices with Greens, Roots and Fruits

By Kara M.L. Rosen

Get the basics on how to juice, and the benefits of vitamin-rich ingredients like carrots, kale and pears.

Snake Charmer Juice Recipe

Enjoy an an exotic, healthful boost from pomegranate and watermelon with this Snake Charmer Juice recipe.

Cancer-Fighting Mexican Mamacita Juice Recipe

Combat cancer with this savory juice that contains quercetin, which is found in red onions.

The Amazing Healing Powers of Mushrooms

By Michelle Schoffro Cook

Explore the tremendous promise of mushrooms to fight against cancer, arthritis, superbugs and other serious health concerns.


Vital Nutrition: Common Vitamin Deficiencies

By Linda B. White, M.D.

Although modern diets provide plenty of our most vital nutrients, many of us underconsume a few key vitamins and minerals. Learn about the most common vitamin deficiencies and how to ensure you’re getting enough.

The Value of Local Medicine

By Dawn Combs

Discover the value and importance of choosing local, or homegrown, medicine.

Love Your Lungs

By Linda B. White

Learn more about the most common home chemicals linked to respiratory irritation and lung cancer.

12 Tips to Reduce Exposure to Dangerous Household Chemicals

By Linda B. White

Use these 12 simple tips to avoid exposure to dangerous chemicals linked to lung cancer.