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Recognizing the Symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency

By Sally Pacholok and Jeffrey J. Stuart

Vitamin B12 deficiency takes on many forms, including depression and limited mobility. Learn what you can do to ensure your body gets enough of this vital nutrient.

How to Blend Your Own Essential Oils

By Elana Millman

Learn how to use carrier oils like cacao butter and sea buckthorn oil to create homemade essential oils for DIY aromatherapy treatments.

How to Eat Well for a Balanced Diet

By Melissa Kirsch

A proper diet doesn’t require suffering! Check out these tips on how to balance good carbs, protein and good fats for balanced nutrition that allows you to enjoy your food.

Acupressure Basics

By Judith Boice

Get to know your basic pressure points to address acute pain, relieve stress and more with acupressure.


The Great Cholesterol Myth

By Jonny Bowden & Stephen Sinatra

Long-standing dietary advice has told us to reduce cholesterol intake, but a closer look suggests that advice may be misguided. Learn more about the history of this information, studies surrounding cholesterol’s effects on heart health and how to protect your heart’s health.

The Connection Between Thyroid and Digestive Health

By Dawn Combs

Discover the connection between healthy digestion and a healthy thyroid to help balance your hormones and weight.

The Benefits of Superfood Juices with Greens, Roots and Fruits

By Kara M.L. Rosen

Get the basics on how to juice, and the benefits of vitamin-rich ingredients like carrots, kale and pears.

Snake Charmer Juice Recipe

Enjoy an an exotic, healthful boost from pomegranate and watermelon with this Snake Charmer Juice recipe.