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The Truth About Coconut Oil

By Micki Chestnut

Is this popular, saturated fat a miracle food or an overhyped fad?

Put on Some Weight for the Holidays

By Micki Chestnut

As these stressful and overindulgent holidays approach, turn to resistance training for weight management, stress reduction and improved overall health.

Guide to Winter Immunity

By Jessica Kellner

Fall and winter don’t have to be cold and flu season. Try these natural tips to improve your chances of fighting illness and staying healthy all year long.

Charity Spotlight: Give to Good Causes

By Haley Casey

During the holidays, we often can’t find that perfect gift for the friend who has it all. Consider skipping the extra present, and instead give to others in their name.


The Science of Hunger

By Aimee Gallo

Learn about what motivates hunger and satiety in our bodies, and improve your ability to fully nourish yourself and maintain a healthy weight without second-guessing every bite.

Healthy Lifestyles Around the World

By Tabitha Grace

Try these proven anti-aging foods and habits enjoyed by centenarians around the globe.

Fitness Goals by Decade

By Tim Wright

Tim Wright, a fitness expert with worldwide health club organization Virgin Active, developed this handy fitness checklist with goals divided by age group.

Exercise Tips for Every Age

By Jessica Kellner

Enjoy the benefits of regular exercise with these workout tips for every age.