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Fitness Goals by Decade

By Tim Wright

Tim Wright, a fitness expert with worldwide health club organization Virgin Active, developed this handy fitness checklist with goals divided by age group.

Exercise Tips for Every Age

By Jessica Kellner

Enjoy the benefits of regular exercise with these workout tips for every age.

6 Best Medicinal Essential Oils

By Dr. Judith Boice

Use the power of nature to cure common ailments with these medicinal essential oils.

The Anatomy of Pain

By Kim Erickson; updated by the editors

Discover the long-term side effects of NSAIDs.


Graceful Aging

By Mother Earth Living Editors

Stave off aches and pains and other symptoms of aging by taking steps to improve your physical health at every age.

Spring-inspired Essential Oil Recipes

Looking for some new essential oil scents to match the season? Start with these suggestions!

Stiffness Relief Lotion

Want to try aromatherapy for pain? Make this simple homemade massage lotion to ease stiff back muscles.

The Benefits of Fermented Foods

By Michelle Schoffro Cook

Try these natural probiotic foods for anti-cancer properties, metabolic health and much more.