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Getting the Most from Your Supplements: An Absorption Primer

Herbs for Health Staff

It’s not how many vitamins and minerals you take each day that’s important, but how well you absorb them.  

Healthful Eating for a Safe Pregnancy

Herbs for Health Staff

Nothing can replace the benefits of a well-balanced diet, but once healthful eating habits are established, women may benefit from taking dietary supplements to decrease the risk of birth defects in their babies and to prevent and treat ailments that can accompany pregnancy.

Try This at Home: Stress Less

By The Herb Companion staff

Try this quick and easy tip to avoid stress.

75 Safe and Effective Herbal Remedies

By Michael Castleman

Before going to the big guns of pharmaceutical drugs, consider trying some of nature's gentler, less expensive alternatives.


Fresh Clips: What Do Doctors Know About Herbs?

By Steven Foster

According to a recent survey published in the April 2010 issue of Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin, a newsletter for medical professionals in the United Kingdom, 71.8 percent of respondents believe consumers’ faith in herbal medicine is misplaced. Learn more.

Pregnancy and Herbs: Make a Nourishing Tea

By Aviva Romm

Some herbs are mild enough to use during pregnancy while others should be avoided altogether. Drink this tea to stay positive and energized.

Naturally Relieve Lower Back Pain: Ginger Compress

By Christopher Hobbs,L.Ac., A.H.G

Soothe back strains, sprains, bruises, and other injuries with a warm ginger compress.

Q and A: Herbal Relief for Hypertension

By Mindy Green and Robert Rountree

Health professionals answer readers' questions about hypertension.