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Q and A: Treating Chronic Vasculitis with Herbs

By Daniel Gagnon

Health professionals answer readers' questions about herbs to treat joint pain, stomach cramps and hives.

Q and A: Natural Treatment for ADHD

By Robert Rountree and Daniel Gagnon

Health professionals answer readers questions about herbal treatments for ADHD.

Nutritional Supplements: Identifying Vitamin C

By the Herbs for Health Staff

Use this handy guide to discern how your vitamin C supplement is produced.

Nutritional Supplement: Prostate Cancer Prevention

By the Herbs for Health Staff

Sometimes, dietary and lifestyle changes can improve prostate health.


Nutritional Supplement: Fruits and Veggies for American Health

By the Herbs for Health Staff

Improve your fiber intake and reduce your blood pressure by eating more fresh produce.

Nutritional Supplement: The Benefits of Digestive Enzymes

By the Herbs for Health Staff

Learn how enzymes benefit your energy levels and how to get the most from your food.

Herbal Remedies for Upset Stomachs: A Taste for Bitters

By Daniel Gagnon

Drink this homemade herbal tea before meals to avoid indigestion.

Why Sage is a Superfood

By Tonia Reinhard

Sage has showed a high level of antioxidant activity against oxidative stress in liver cells. Learn more about sage's superfood effects.