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Body & Soul: Soothe Stretch Marks

By Brigitte Mars and Chrystle Fiedler

Stretch marks are common after pregnancy. It’s important to lubricate your body daily to prevent them. Try our Pregnant Belly Butter.

Body & Soul: Natural Remedies for Babies

By Brigitte Mars and Chrystle Fiedler

Fight ear infections, soothe teething pain, calm colic, moisturize cradle cap and remedy diaper rash with these natural remedies for babies.

Pure and Simple: Clean Naturally with Plant Essential Oils

By Nancy Christie

Plant essential oils bring cleaning power and a fresh scent to your home—without chemicals.

Au Revoir, Allergens: Reduce Sources of Indoor Allergies

By Mary Cordaro

With a few simple strategies, you can reduce the most common sources of indoor allergies—chemicals, mold and mites.


List of Likes: Cleaning Tools for Natural Sparkle

By The Herb Companion staff

Start your spring cleaning with these herbally enhanced products.

Herb to Know: Treat Arthritis With These Products

By Gina DeBacker

Reap the benefits of turmeric with these five powerful extracts.

Fresh Clips: Keep Your Home Clean and Toxic-Free

By Lauren Holt

With spring right around the corner, it’s time to make your house a clean and happy home—and preferably a home sans toxic chemicals.

Culinary Herbs for Better Sex

By Brigitte Mars, A.H.G.

Most classic culinary herbs are considered aphrodisiacs, after all, they stir the senses. The herbs in the following list have a warming, stimulating effect on the body and help improve circulation.