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Q & A: Remedies for Recurring Cysts

By Kathi Keville and Robert Rountree

Herbalists advise antibacterial herbs like thyme and essential oils or oregano and lavender to promote skin health and heal cysts.

Ancient Chinese Herbs in Northern California

By Lynn Alley

Curiously close to where Asian laborers built the railroads nearly 200 years ago, ancient Chinese herbs again are taking root at the Stanford Inn in Mendocino, California.

Explore the Herbs of Peru

By Thomas Walsh

From medicines and foods to the richly hued textiles for which it is famous, herbs are in use everywhere in this ancient land.

Preventing Osteoporosis: Bone-Building Tea

By Linda B. White, M.D.

Herbs such as oatstraw, nettle and dandelion all work to build strong bones.


Herbs for Health: Supplement News for April 2001

By The Herbs for Health Staff

New studies show the benefits of black cohosh, plantain and ginger.

Body & Soul: Make Lavender Spa Products

By Janice Cox

Set your sights on tranquility with these body care recipes that use lavender.

Ask the Herbalist: 5 Herbs for Women’s Health

By Jaclyn Chasse

Botanical medicines provide potent medicine for modern women. Here are five herbs I think are well-suited to women’s health.

Herbs to Increase Athletic Performance

Courtesy of FeatureSource

Vitamins and other dietary supplements may improve your performance if they’re incorporated into a balanced diet and used with common sense.