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Fresh Clips: Infusions and Decoctions

By Allison Martin

We explain what the difference is between an infusion and a decoction.

Detox Your Body: How to Strengthen Your Liver and Kidneys

By Debra Lynn Dadd

In order to detox your body, your detox organs need to be able to function. Strengthen your liver and kidneys by eating healthy foods that aid their ability to filter toxins out of your body.

Natural Healing: Herbal Research Updates

By Kathi Keville

Recent studies in the herbal world.

Natural Healing: Understanding Salt and Sodium

By Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., C.N.S.

It is important to know sodium's role before you can smartly use it in your regular diet.


Herb Basics: Peppermint Benefits

By The Herbs for Health Staff

Learn about the benefits of peppermint and how to use it in tea, tincture, or extract.

Make Herbal Tea with Chamomile and Linden Flowers

By The Herb for Health Staff

This herbal tea recipe is ideal for soothing frazzled nerves and calming your hectic thoughts.

Make Your Own Medicine: Making Tinctures

By The Herb Companion staff

Herbal tinctures are easy to make. Combine a teaspoon of healing tincture with water or fruit juice for an herbal home remedy.

Cures in Your Cupboard: Herbal Remedies for Common Ailments

By The Herb Companion Staff

To ward off common ailments, turn to your kitchen before your drugstore. Many culinary herbs offer impressive healing properties—medicine’s never tasted so good!