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Try This at Home: What Are Essential Oils?

By The Herb Companion staff

Essential oils have several uses, including boosting your mood and amplifying the strength of your natural cleaners.

Build an Herbal First Aid Kit: Natural Remedies for Burns, Food Poisoning and Other Ailments

By Melissa Corkhill

Treat common ailments at home with an herbal first aid kit packed with natural remedies for treating burns, food poisoning, cuts and wounds, bites and stings, and more.

Natural Energy Boosters

By Mother Earth Living staff

Give yourself a pick-me-up with smart habits and natural energy boosters.

A Healthier Hearth, A More Efficient Fireplace

By Alli Kingfisher and Kelly Lerner

Conventional fireplaces can be inefficient and pollute the air inside your home. Use our tips to warm winter’s chill with a green, efficient fireplace. 


Herb to Know: Peruvian Maca Products

By The Herb Companion Staff

Try these Maca products to help boost overall health.

Plants for a Strong Immune System

By Jaclyn Chasse

Stay well this winter by supporting a strong immune system with immune-boosting herbs and selected supplements and plant extracts.

Ask the Herbalist: All About Anticancer Herbs

By Linda B. White, M.D.

Reduce your cancer risk by incorporating these anticancer herbs in your meals and drinks.

Fresh Clips: All About Adaptogens

By Justine Patton

Herbal adaptogens have been used since the ancient times. Rediscover how these herbal wonders can fight off stress, improve the immune system and restore the body to its natural balance.