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Boost Your Metabolism Naturally

By Ginevra Holtkamp

Use these healthy living tips to keep your metabolism running at maximum efficiency.

Try This at Home: Honey for a Sore Throat

By The Herb Companion staff

Fix yourself a spoonful of honey. It’s one of many simple scratchy throat remedies.

Stress Less with Adaptogens and Other Natural Remedies

By The Herb Companion Staff

Use improved habits, natural remedies and adaptogens to stress less and become happier and healthier.

Make Throat Soothers: Licorice-Ginger Pills

By Rosemary Gladstar

Combine the powers of licorice and ginger with these tasty Licorice-Ginger Pills. This homemade remedy is tasty and soothing for those with sore throats.


Make Throat Soothers: Soothing Throat Pills

By Rosemary Gladstar

If you’re on the lookout for throat pain remedies, make these super-simple Soothing Throat Pills. They treat throat infections like sore throats and laryngitis.

Make Throat Soothers with Licorice

By Rosemary Gladstar

Make your own sweet-tasting throat soothers with licorice, an herbal antiviral.

5 Hazardous Chemicals to Ban for a Healthy Kitchen

By Ginevra Holtkamp

Keep hazardous chemicals out of your family’s food by learning about the health impacts of common cooking and food storage items—and how to choose safer alternatives for a healthy kitchen.

A Guide to Self-Sufficient Living

By Eliza Cross

Self-sufficient living isn’t just for manifesto-writing, backwoods cabin dwellers. Our tips will help you explore ways to grow and produce your own food, use less energy and water, live healthier and save money-no matter where you live.