WEB EXTRA: Make Our Yummy, Summer Yogurt Parfaits

| May/June 2007

  1. Choose your prettiest champagne flutes or grandmother's fanciest old mismatched glasses.
  2. Use wonderful crunchy granola from your favorite health-food store, then make it your own by adding in more of what you love... sprinkle in dried cranberries, golden almonds and walnuts.
  3. Fill the bottom 1/3 of your glass with granola. Then spoon in organic yogurt in your choice of flavor (we used Brown Cow yogurt in maple!), filling the next 1/3 of the glass (make a thick stripe of yogurt on top of the granola).
  4. Gently spoon on another layer of granola mixture (your last 1/3).
  5. Top with a few fresh raspberries, dust with a bit of organic sugar and voila!

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