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Win a Solar-Powered Water Heater for Your Home

How much are you spending on hot water this month? I’ve installed a new low-flow showerhead and more efficient sink aerators in my apartment to try and cut down on water consumption, hot or otherwise, but the winter cold makes it harder to take those short-and-quick showers that would make more of a difference. Even though there aren’t many more physical changes I can make in my current housing arrangements, I occasionally spend my free time researching the alternative hot-water options I hope to use one day, and solar power is one of my favorites.

Installing a solar hot water heater can result in significant energy savings, as well as helping your family decrease their dependence on limited natural resources and increasing the value of your home. The initial cost of setting up such a system can be offsetting, but the Herb Companion has a solution to that: The Sunward Go Solar Giveaway!

Enter our sweepstakes to win this solar hot water system.

The Sunward Hot Water System includes a 2-collector system that can provide enough hot water for a family of 6 through either roof or ground mounts. The 80-gallon water storage tank, photovoltaic solar panel, external heat exchanger and all necessary hardware are included in the offer. Additionally, the giveaway will also provide up to $2,000 for the single-day installation. All-told, the system is valued at over $10,000.

This system is not intended to be a 100 percent replacement for your current water-heating system. Sunny days may result in fully solar-heated water on demand, but cloudy or patchy days will likely mean that your electric or gas-based system will finish the heating process. The sunlight-based preheating will still greatly reduce your energy costs. The insulated water tank will retain heat from the solar system long after the sun goes down.

For a chance to win this energy-saving system in our sweepstakes, fill out the information on this page. There is a limit of one entry per person per email address per household. The sweepstakes will end on September 10, 2011. 

To read more about this solar system, read the article about it at our sister title Mother Earth News.

  • Published on Jan 6, 2011
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