Try This At Home: Herbal Spring Cleaning Tips

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Supercharge Your Detergent
For extra-clean clothes, try following your detergent with ½ cup of borax. It’s an all-natural laundry booster that leaves your shelves clear of cluttering (and chemical-laden) stain-fighter bottles.

In with the Good Air
To refresh your home after a winter’s worth of stale air and savory scents, simply sprinkle baking soda over your carpet and let it sit overnight. Sprinkle your upholstered furniture 30 minutes before you begin vacuuming. When all the baking soda is vacuumed up, the room will smell fresh.

No More Weeds
If the spring rains are encouraging weeds to flourish in the cracks of your sidewalk, reach for white vinegar. Just splash some on the weeds to make quick (and herbicide-free) work of those unruly interlopers. Once the vinegar kills the weeds, you can pull them easily.

Sweet Treat for Your Skin
Slough off dry winter skin with an easy at-home sugar scrub. Mix 1 cup sugar, ¼ cup almond oil, and 10 drops each of grapefruit and lavender essential oils. Use the scrub in the shower after an hour or two of spring cleaning, rinse, and your body will be as fresh as your home.

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