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Therapeutic Mustard Herbal Bath Recipe

Learn how to make this Therapeutic Mustard Herbal Bath recipe for your next bath at home.

Therapeutic Mustard Herbal Bath Recipe

This intensely therapeutic bath utilizes the warmth of mustard
to open pores and release toxins, and provides drawing and
cleansing actions with the salts and clay. Combined with essential
oils, these bath salts leave your skin feeling soothed and

• 2 cups borax
• 1/2 cup dead sea salt
• 1/2 cup mustard powder
• 2 cups Epsom salts
• 8 drops each of the following essential oils: black spruce,
eucalyptus, rosemary, wintergreen, and ginger

1. Combine all of the ingredients.

2. Scoop 3 to 4 heaping teaspoons into bath water. Allow the mixture to dissolve.

3. Store the remainder in a tightly sealed container. Makes about 3 cups.

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  • Published on Nov 1, 2001
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