The Benefits of Superfood Juices with Greens, Roots and Fruits

Get the basics on how to juice, and the benefits of vitamin-rich ingredients like carrots, kale and pears.

| September 2015

  • Fruits
    Fruits, greens and root vegetables, such as carrots, beets and pears, can be used in many different healthy and satisfying juices.
    Photo by Mowie Kay
  • Plenish cover
    "Plenish: Juices to Boost, Cleanse and Heal" by Karen M.L. Rosen contains recipes for delicious and healthful raw juices, as well as tips on how to practice effective juice diets and cleanses.
    Cover courtesy Mitchell Beazley

  • Fruits
  • Plenish cover

You are what you eat, and consuming fresh, raw juices is one way to flood your body with nutrients and cure your ills. Plenish: Juices to Boost, Cleanse and Heal (Mitchell Beazley, 2015) by Karen M.L. Rosen is a collection of juice recipes and cleanse programs for detox, well-being and vitality. The following excerpt from Chapter 2 will help you discover the best superfoods to create healthy, satisfying juices.

Plant-based foods rock. I love to eat them, I love to juice them, and they are all special and wonderful. You will notice a few recurring ingredients (or superstars) that pop up in many of our recipes. This is not to say that all vegetables and fruits are not amazing healthy options, but this crew delivers a nutrient-packed punch to any juice and I recommend always having these guys handy.

Raw Juice Recipes

Snake Charmer Juice Recipe
Cancer-Fighting Mexican Mamacita Juice Recipe


Leafy greens provide more nutrients than any other natural food.

Kale — Although kale has been around since the Dark Ages, it's only recently had its moment in the spotlight because of its superfood status. Calorie for calorie, it has more iron than red meat and more calcium than milk. This makes it important for cell growth, transporting oxygen around the body, and strong bones. It's also chock-full of antioxidants and vitamin K, helping to protect against a wide variety of cancers. A great detox food, providing fiber and sulfur to support your liver.

Spinach — Popeye was ahead of his time. Little did he know that in addition to making his muscles strong, spinach may have helped protect him against cancer, macular degeneration, and inflammation thanks to the high levels of chlorophyll and carotenoids. Your would be hard pressed to find a plant-based food richer in vitamin K for healthy bones than spinach, and, like kale, it's rich in iron, as well as vitamin C (which helps with the iron absorption) to improve the function of red blood cells in transporting oxygen around the body.

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