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Product Review: T Spheres

I’ve blogged about the benefits of massage for diabetes before. Unfortunately, massage therapy is expensive, so we can’t always afford this miraculous treatment. Fortunately, a great company has developed a revolutionary self- massage product, known as T Spheres. This product is a game changer.

T Spheres are a cost effective alternative to massage therapy. Created by a seasoned massage therapist, these gel-like spheres are infused with aromatherapy oils (which also supports a healthy nervous system) and can be used in countless ways.

I tried the Perk Up T Sphere Set with peppermint and grapefruit essential oils. The spheres are about the size of a ping pong ball and made from a firm gel like substance (think bouncy ball). The natural aromatherapy oils were pleasant and relaxing. When the smell starts to fade, use the spray bottle of oil that comes with the set to refresh it. For the past week, I have been primarily using the spheres on my stiff upper back and feet. They dig deep into my muscles, which can be a little overwhelming at first, but after a few minutes I reach deep relaxation. The T Spheres team has put together photos and descriptions for proper usage.

“Diabetes is a genetically transmitted condition and the suggested T Spheres reflex points can help prevent side effects associated with diabetes. The use of our suggested self-care T Spheres Techniques will help your body function more efficiently, and relieve daily stress and tension.” – T Sphere experts

Front of Lower Leg Points:

Photo courtesy T Spheres

Use Palm Pressure or Fingertip Technique placement 2 centimeters below the knee, as shown in the picture. Stimulate with circular motion in this area with a little pressure for 5 minutes every day. This point can help balance the digestive system – as it is a stomach meridian master point and is also used to prevent aging, arthritis and other forms of weaknesses. Combine this with a balanced Diabetes diet for best results.

Back of Knee Point:

Photo courtesy T Spheres

This Pressure point is associated with the Urinary Bladder meridian. Toxins and impurities can be stimulated to drain out by massaging this point. The pressure point is at the crease of the knee – it is important to look for any varicose veins and if there is any edema or pitted edema the pressure must be slight and avoid any veins to perform properly. Apply light pressure on this point for 3-5 breaths – release – repeat for 5 minutes daily. Excess urination and other diabetic related concerns to the urinary tract should start to be reduced noticeably.

Pressure Points on the Feet:

Photo courtesy T Spheres

Seated cross legged or in a chair with one leg bent across the other. Hold one foot and apply the T Spheres to the liver point between the tarsals of the Big toe and second toe.  This is a very effective pressure point for the treatment of insomnia, diabetes and hypertension. Regularly T Spheres Fingertip and palm pressure on this acupressure point will help to reduce side effects of Diabetes. Adding full foot Reflexology for diabetes is recommended and a great practice to help control the blood glucose levels.

Big Toe Point:

Photo courtesy T Spheres

Standing with wall or chair support, place the T Spheres under the big toe. Slowly apply your body weight to the foot and allow the pressure under the big toe to increase with the focus on your breathing. The pressure points under the big toe are associated with, and can aid in long term relief from the discomfort of Diabetes. Twice daily, standing and applying pressure on this point should prove to be fruitful, in relief from excess water retention and pain in the legs.

Hand Pressure Point:

Photo courtesy T Spheres 

Apply Fingertip Technique with the T Sphere at the crease of the wrist as shown in the photo below. This is a well-known acupressure point relating to the heart. This pressure point is stimulated with the focus on processing emotions to release stress from the body and mind.  Breathe slowly and as deeply as possible to connect to your heart and release the emotional holdings that occur from all aspects of your life. Remember to honor where you are each day and give permission to there with acceptance – every day is a chance to move forward towards better health.

Thumb and Index Finger joint:

Photo courtesy T Spheres

This pressure point is used for relief of any kind of pain. Press the T Sphere into the joint between the thumb and index finger. Press and release for up to 5 minutes a day three times a day. This is a large intestine acupressure point and it will aid in relief in the large intestine. It will also help to reduce excess heat in the body. Apply this technique daily to help energize your body and reduce stress.

My results

The benefits I have noticed most are improved sleep, overall pain reduction and reduced morning glucose. Usually, I wake up three to four times every night for various reasons, but have been sleeping straight through (waking maybe once) for the duration of my T Sphere usage. My blood glucose levels have been lower than they typically are in the morning, ranging from 10-40 points less. Overall, I feel a stronger sense of calm and well-being.

It is important for everyone, not only diabetics, to go beyond taking pills, and use healing, natural methods the earth has already provided us. We may prevent the need for medication all together, or at least reduce our dependency. However, massage is just a piece of the wellness puzzle.  Our world holds an abundance of better, alternative ways to care for our bodies. Facilities such as Progressive Medical Center, and products such as T Spheres, support our search for better medical care.

Karyn Wofford is a type 1 diabetic, EMT and Certified Wellness Specialist. For years she has educated herself on wellness and natural, wholesome living. Karyn’s goal is to help people be the healthiest they can be while living fun, happy lives.

  • Published on Jul 26, 2016
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