Sweet Swim: Healthy Alternatives to Keep Pool Water Clean

If you own a pool or hot tub, ditch the chlorine, bromine and other toxic chemicals and try healthier alternatives for keeping the water clean.

| July/August 2004

Swimming is great exercise, but your daily laps or hot tub soaks may expose you to massive doses of chlorine, bromine, and other toxic chemicals that could cause respiratory and skin problems or eye irritation. Chlorine products also produce dioxins, furans, and trihalomethanes—all possible carcinogens.

If you own a pool or a hot tub, try healthier alternatives for keeping water clean.

• Chlorine alternatives. Bacteria battlers include blends of enzymes, minerals, and plant extracts. (Pacific Sands Eco One spa products: PacificSandsInc.com).

• Ozone generators. Naturally occurring ozone gas pumps through charcoal filters into water, reducing the need for chlorine and bromine by 60 to 90 percent. Ozone is effective at killing bacteria, yeast, mildew, molds, and fungus. (Del Hot Tub Ozonators: HotTubEssentials.com).

If you swim in public pools—which tend to be highly chlorinated—take these steps to mitigate your chemical exposure.

• Shower immediately after leaving the water.

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