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Sustainable Wedding Food: Settled!

It’s wonderful when something works out perfectly. We were kind of unsettled on our wedding food until last weekend. A very generous chef-friend of ours had offered to prepare the food for our wedding. However, our late-ish date change made it impossible for him to leave his full-time catering gig to attend our wedding, which is on Memorial Day weekend. We were really sad because he’s a fantastic chef, and we didn’t know what to do.

There are many great restaurants in our city, but we didn’t feel like any of the affordable options really suited our personalities and venue. Although we both love Mexican and Thai, for example, we didn’t think that would fit the event. We thought about doing the food ourselves–we’re keeping the food very simple and trying to make as many things ourselves as possible–but, as the date came nearer, we were both feeling very stressed about that idea.

So, Fate had to step in. My first step in investigating some options was to e-mail a friend whose fiance does some catering, though I wasn’t sure how much. She said he only does small events, but recommended I contact a couple she was working with for her own wedding. I called right away and was thrilled when they said they were committed to doing as much handmade and homemade as possible. I’m talking homemade cheeses and butters, all fresh ingredients, as much organic as possible…pretty much exactly in line with what we were hoping for. Plus, they were enthusiastic about our proposed menu and said they could work within our budget. 

After I set up a time for a tasting, I investigated their website, and it turned out to be two people my fiance and I have known for years! We hadn’t seen them in awhile and weren’t aware they had started this catering business last fall. Funny, great coincidence. After a fantastic meeting and tasting with them last weekend, we were totally convinced. Their food is absolutely delicious, and they are so open and enthusiastic about all of our desires, plus happy to accommodate our budget and other special considerations for venue/style, etc. I so appreciate finding friends and likeminded folks from all over our city to contribute to our wedding. I hope such lucky coincidences happen to everyone out there planning weddings. And make sure to check out Culinaria if you are in the Kansas City area!  

  • Published on Mar 30, 2010
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