Starting Small

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Thyme Eggling

I never could have imagined a few months ago, before I started working for The Herb Companion, that I would be contemplating planting my own herb garden. But here I am, looking for a house and hoping for one with a yard big enough for a garden.

Until working for this magazine, herbs were something I never thought much about unless I noticed them in my food. I never realized there’s so much more to be done with herbs other than cooking with them. Now I notice them everywhere. In fact, I even get excited when I notice them, whether it’s in a cleaning product or in my tea.

Speaking of tea, that’s one of my motivations for planting a garden. I would love to be able to go in my backyard, pick a few herbs and create my own personal blend of tea. For now, that’s a little ambitious, so I’m starting small. On my desk is an Eggling filled with thyme seeds that has just begun to sprout, after two or three weeks of me wondering if I had managed to kill it. It’s supposed to look like that picture over there someday. It’s even eventually supposed to grow large enough that I can transplant it into a larger container.

Even though I’m several steps away from a tea garden, I’m happy that I’m on my way. If all goes well with this Eggling, maybe I’ll be ready to tackle a windowsill planter…

— Kristi Henderson is the editorial assistant for The Herb Companion.

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