Create your own Spa at Home

Create your own spa at home, pamper yourself using these simple suggestions for herbal baths, facial treatments and facial masks.

| November/December 2001

  • Create your own spa at home and pamper yourself using these beauty treatments.
    Create your own spa at home and pamper yourself using these beauty treatments.
    By The Mother Earth Living staff

  • Create your own spa at home and pamper yourself using these beauty treatments.

Create your own spa at home using these helpful suggestions for homemade beauty treatments.

Create your own Spa at Home

Indulge in the luxury of a spa without ever leaving home.

Can’t break away from your hectic schedule to spend several days at a posh spa? Or maybe you’ve got the time to spare but your wallet can’t fund the experience? Because many of the most popular spa services can be re-created at home, try mimicking the same nourishing, blissful environment in the privacy of your home.

Take a Bath

Hydrotherapy (jets that massage soft muscle tissue and aid lymphatic drainage) and phytotherapy (plant extracts or essences added to warm water for therapeutic purposes) baths are traditionally offered at finer spas. Use these treatments in your home bath, or simply add a portable jet nozzle to increase circulation, enhance skin tone, and massage your body into a more advanced state of relaxation.

Shannon Merton, a body worker at Spa Amadeus in Pasadena, California, thinks that baths can be powerfully therapeutic. “Add rosemary to your bath to eliminate the symptoms of depression and PMS,” she says. “Try some lavender to relax and renew your psyche. Add rose petals to soften the water while delicately perfuming your body.” Simply place the fresh or dried plant inside a tea ball or muslin fabric pouch or track down some herbal extracts available at boutiques, health-food stores, and spas.

To revitalize your skin and allow it to soak up these hydrating products, begin with a complete full-body exfoliation. All you need is a loofah, boar-bristle brush, or ayate cloth. Andrea Hesse, an esthetician at Rocco Altobelli Salon in Edina, Minnesota, suggests that you start with clean, dry skin. “Take the exfoliating object and vigorously run the item all over your body. Next, utilize a salt scrub or a ground nut mixture and really rub it into every part of your skin,” she says. “You may want to use the salt glow for the more stubborn parts of your body like your elbows, knees, and feet, while using the less abrasive mixture for your legs, arms, and torso. After you feel sufficiently sloughed, rinse off with tepid water or plunge into a lukewarm bath. Follow with a luxurious hydrating lotion or dry oil spray.”

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