Guide to Seasonal Living

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Guide to Seasonal Living

Stay in touch with the seasons! From gardening tips to seasonal recipes and housekeeping advice, we’ve got you covered whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter. This spring, learn how to tackle seasonal allergies, when to plant seeds and seedlings for the perfect garden, how to whip up all-natural cleaners for a fresher home and more.

Seasonal Food and Recipes

Healthy Spring Recipes

Spring is the ideal season for those hoping to incorporate more fresh, local ingredients into our healthy diets.

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Season: Spring Foods

Spring is here. Find out what fruits, vegetables, herbs and other spring foods are in season right now.

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Healthy Salads

If you crave an endless supply of freshly harvested greens then you’ve come to the right place. Get 20+ recipes for salads.

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Seasonal Gardening

Spring Garden Planning

Late winter is the prefect time for spring garden and soil preparation. Get a jumpstart on the season with these tips.

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Spring Planting Guide

Our handy regional garden planting guide will help you figure out when to plant seeds and seedlings this spring.

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Spring Garden Checklist

Before you can get down and dirty in the garden, use this checklist to prepare your garden for spring weather.

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Seasonal Home Guides

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Make your home healthier and more efficient by checking off these tasks on our annual spring cleaning checklist.

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Homemade Cleaners Guide

Help your home really shine with these easy homemade cleaners and keep the toxic chemicals out.

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Reduce Home Allergens

Make your home a haven from the discomfort of allergy symptoms with these tips for reducing home allergens.

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Seasonal Health

Natural Allergy Remedies

Breathe easy and enjoy this spring with these 10 natural remedies for seasonal allergies.

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Spring Cleanse Menu

If you’re feeling sluggish or sub-par, rejuvenate your body with a fresh detox and spring cleanse.

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Gardener’s First-Aid Kit

Ease gardening woes by keeping a natural first-aid kit packed with these healing essentials.

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