Miracle Cures: Medical Science for Natural Remedies

Jean Carper shares her research into the use of medicinal herbs and their potential within the U.S. medical community.

| November/December 1997

Rarely has a book on natural healing captured the public’s interest as quickly as Jean Carper’s Miracle Cures. A combination of no-nonsense advice and thoroughly human stories, it shot to the top of The New York Times best-seller list within days of its release. Here, an excerpt from her book and an interview with Carper offer a glimpse at the future of medicine. 

While writing and researching Miracle Cures, I was constantly surprised and impressed by the vigor of a national trend toward integrating natural remedies into mainstream medicine. This incorporation of natural medicinals and conventional medicine is happening much faster than most people realize.

This will eventually have a dramatic beneficial impact, if it has not already, on all of us personally and on the quality and cost of our health care. We are talking about major changes and reforms in a basic structure of all medical systems, from ancient to modern: the appropriate use of drugs to overcome sickness.

Here’s what surprised me most:

•  The intensity and persistence of people seeking safer, effective cures outside the conventional treatments, even in the face of resistance from establishment medicine;

• The willingness, even eagerness, of leading doctors and scientists at the very core of modern scientific medicine in the United States to explore the potential of unconventional remedies;

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