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Hear What the Professionals Have to Say About Herb Treatments

| January/February 1998

Herbal medicine may offer some hope to cancer patients.
—Chanchal Cabrera, ­herbalist

In every issue of Herbs for Health, professionals from a variety of health-care fields will answer selected reader questions about using medicinal herbs. Herbalist Chanchal Cabrera and medical doctor D. Paul Barney responded for this issue.

Cancer Support

Q. My father-in-law has cancer of the gallbladder and now has an ulcer. He went through chemotherapy and was taking a radiation medicine. This seemed to help a bit, but now he is interested in Chinese medicine, especially mushrooms. I would like to know what other herbs can help fight this type of cancer. The doctors aren’t really into herbal treatment. I read your article “Aging healthfully” (Sep­tember/October 1997, page 40) and thought I should write you. Also, do you know of any correspondence school from which I could take a course in herbology, both in growing and medicine use?
M. B.
Aomori, Japan

A.  Herbal medicine may offer some hope to cancer patients, especially when combined with strict dietary therapy and a holistic approach. Because of the severe nature of the disease, these treatments are best done under the supervision of a qualified and experienced health professional.

The Gerson Institute, PO Box 430, Bonita, California 92002, offers a detailed video and workbook to guide you through a detoxification and cleansing program. Because you live in Japan, I would suggest that you seek out a practitioner of traditional Japanese kampo medicine to assist and guide you.

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