Pregnancy Back Pain Reliever: Holy Lamb Organics Body Pillow

Reader Contribution by Jessica Kellner and Editor
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A few weeks ago, I was struggling with what has been one of the only “problems” I’ve had during my pregnancy (I’m about six months along, so hopefully this luck continues!): back pain. My back pain seems to come and go. It will appear for a couple of weeks–either fairly sharp, severe pain in my tailbone, which is apparently common, or a more aching feeling through my center back. It’s there in pretty much any position: seated, standing, lying down. Then, thankfully, it goes away almost entirely for a while. I am a huge yoga proponent, and doing a few back-relieving poses does help during practice, but it doesn’t relieve the pain in the long term.

During the last bad period (when I was convinced it would be staying through the remainder of my pregnancy), I started doing some research. One thing many women said had helped them out immensely was a full-body pillow for sleeping. There are a lot on the market! But I reached out to a company I knew I could trust because we’ve featured them several times throughout the years: Holy Lamb Organics. Handmade in Washington out of organic cotton and wool. You can read much more about them on their website, but to give an overview, Holy Lamb is a small company that makes its fine bedding in a zero-waste, chemical- and scent-free facility. I’m dedicated to keeping as many harmful chemicals away from myself and my baby as possible, and that’s especially important for something I’m going to be face-to-face with for eight hours every night. So I knew I didn’t want to go with a pillow made of synthetic materials. And while I know I will likely have to make compromises on a zero-chemical life after baby is born, bedding is one thing I plan to be a stickler on. It’s simply in too close of contact for too long of a time with our loved ones to choose something doused in chemicals. Lucky for me, Holy Lamb makes healthy baby mattresses, mattress toppers, bedding and nursing pillows. As for the body pillow and back pain? Well, the pain has been much improved since I started sleeping with the body pillow, which gives support between your legs, under your stomach and everywhere else you might be feeling aches and pains.

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