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Post-Wedding: Sneak Peek


Well, the wedding is over and it was a great success. I am waiting to post my OFFICIAL post-wedding blog post until I have the  pictures from our excellent photographer (unluckily for me, she went on vacation almost immediately after our event).

However, a good friend took some gorgeous photos, so I will post a few as my unofficial post-wedding update, just so y’all can get a peek at how everything came together.

Thank you to the many companies who provided gorgeous, eco-friendly goods for the event, namely Bambu‘s absolutely gorgeous bamboo plates, biodegradable cups from Eco Products via Ellie’s Eco Home Store, specialty soy tea lights from Bright Sun Candles and recycled paper for the table runners from Nashville Wraps. Thanks also to the amazing food by local caterers Culinaria, who created a beautiful and delicious spread using lots of local ingredients, and to Pendleton’s Country Market in Lawrence, Kansas, for providing the gorgeous local peonies.

Some photos below:

ABOVE: We’re almost finished with setup. The tables, chairs, napkins and silverware were rented from a local company, Sunflower Rentals. We tied the napkins with simple hemp twine. I spent months scouring local antique and secondhand stores for the recycled glassware that holds the candles, silver and flowers. Bright Sun Candles custom made soy tea lights for us in their delicious Pacific Mint scent. A friend and I spent months creating the handmade flags. You can see the bamboo plates stacked in the background. Photo by Chelsea Rae

ABOVE: A closer view of the Nashville Wraps “Chocolate Scroll” recycled paper table runners and local pink peonies. Photo by Chelsea Rae

The Bright Sun candles came in very useful creating a romantic atmosphere during the brief rainstorm that passed through just after the ceremony. My groom and his mother made a cake for every table at our house the day of the wedding. They were decorated with small roses from Pendleton’s. You can see a biodegradable cup and rented champagne flutes in this photo. Photo by Chelsea Rae

  • Published on Jun 24, 2010
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