Off to School with Herbs

Make an herbal care package for your favorite student body.

| August/September 2005

Being a student is hard work. Exams make you crazy, late-night paper-writing exhausts mind and body, and too much studying leaves the brain blank. All that worry can make it hard to get to sleep. And we haven’t even mentioned the sports and social scenes.

To help them cope, many students reach for over-the-counter aids or even prescription drugs. (Illegal substances? Out of the question for our students.) But medicinal herbs often can do the job and are gentler in their effects than either of the other options.

A care package including some of the ideas suggested below can provide just the touch of home and healing your stressed-out scholar needs.


Rattled nerves make it tough to concentrate and absorb information. Tests and heavy course loads can rub nerves raw. Time-tested remedies for the study-stressed include:

Chamomile. Make a tea (see “Herbal How-To’s” on Page 23) to settle nerves and relieve stress headaches. Drink it daily when the going gets rough. Afterward, put the warm teabags on your eyelids to relieve eyestrain.

Lavender. “Balance” is the word for this old-time herb — stimulating when you’re down, relaxing when you’re up. Great for helping focus on a task. Sniff the dried flowers and leaves or put a dab of essential oil on cloth or a cotton ball. Or make a room spray (see “Herbal How-To’s” on Page 23) for the dorm or apartment.

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