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Natural Sunscreen: Purple Prairie Botanicals SunStuff Lotion

Of all the natural sunscreens I’ve tried so far, Purple Prairie Botanicals SunStuff might be my favorite. This natural sunscreen earned one of the top scores (1/10) on the Environmental Working Group’s 2010 Sunscreen Guide, securing it a slot in the EWG’s recommended sunscreen section. All of the sunscreens that earned the EWG’s coveted green rating contain zinc or titanium, so it’s no surprise that Purple Prairie Botanicals SunStuff’s active ingredient is zinc oxide. This mineral protects against UVA and UVB rays.

Purple Prairie Botanicals SunStuff natural sunscreen lotion comes in either a 9.5-ounce squeeze bottle for $19.99 or a 4-ounce bottle with lotion pump for $10.99. Photo Courtesy Purple Prairie Botanicals.

An olive oil-base with shea butter and jojoba oil help this natural sunscreen keep your skin smooth and soft. Purple Prairie Botanicals SunStuff also contains witch hazel and black willow extract. Witch hazel, commonly used as an astringent, has anti-inflammatory properties which can help heal and soothe minor skin problems, including burns. Black willow bark also has anit-inflammatory properties and is also a natural pain reliever.

SunStuff provides SPF 30, which was plenty to keep me protected for a weekend by the lake. As for application, this natural sunscreen earns two thumbs up from me. SunStuff spreads easily, and its non-whitening formula doesn’t leave behind an unsightly white residue, meaning you won’t spend precious time at the pool or beach rubbing it into your skin.

SunStuff comes in either a 9.5-ounce squeeze bottle or a four-ounce bottle with lotion pump. Purple Prairie Botanicals also makes SunStuff in SPF 15, a SunStuff lip balm with SPF 30 and a Sun Stick with SPF 30.

  • Published on Jun 11, 2010
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